Our nearly 8,000 committed staff members are critical to the 狗万体育’s tradition of excellence. They’re organizers and engineers, chefs and nurses, police officers and problem-solvers. They’re also neighbors, alumni, students, friends—and all crucial to making 狗万体育官网 a top intellectual and cultural destination.

Staff Benefits & Resources

  • Human Resources
    Learn about job opportunities, 狗万体育官网 staff benefits, including health coverage and retirement plans, new hire orientation, and more
  • Workday@狗万体育官网
    Manage your benefits, address, emergency contacts, paycheck details, and other important personal information
  • IT Services
    Get support for your University CNetID set-up, computer, telephone, and other tools
  • Getting Around
    Information about shuttles, trains, buses, parking, and more
  • Finance and Administration
    Access information and resources related to financial services, information technology services, risk management, internal audit, compliance, human resources, and shared services
  • Gerald Ratner Athletics Center
    Learn about membership and FitChicago classes
  • Residential Properties
    Receive assistance finding a place to live close to work
  • 狗万体育 Libraries
    Staff have access to and borrowing privileges at all campus libraries and on and off campus access to electronic resources
    Access free online and on-demand training for the 狗万体育官网 community
  • International Employees
    Learn more about resources for current and prospective international employees
  • Report Misconduct

Staff Recognition

Stay informed and connected

  • 狗万体育官网 News
    Check out the latest stories from across the University
  • 狗万体育官网 Social
    Connect with 狗万体育官网 on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram
  • Big Brains podcast
    Listen to the stories behind 狗万体育官网’s pioneering research and pivotal breakthroughs reshaping our world
  • 狗万体育官网 Mobile
    Download the 狗万体育官网 app for quick access to campus maps, shuttle routes, the directory, and more, and see what other 狗万体育官网-related apps are available